how much cake

One of the most common questions brides and grooms have is "How much cake should we order?" Figuring that out is more art than science, but we have a guide to help you out. Once you have your guest list, seperate into out-of-town and local guests.

how many will attend

If you send your invitations out 8 weeks in advance, approximately 90% of local guest will attend. Out-of-town guests are a little tricker depending on how many are family and friends, but a reasonable estimate is 65% will attend.

how many have cake

A conservative estimate is 5% of the guest will not have cake. It may be higher is you are serving a full meal and alcohol.

making adjustments

As mentioned this is an art, not a science. So as you start to get acceptances and declines, you can make adjustments to your original wedding cake order up to 2 weeks before your wedding date.

How much cake to order
How many local invitations?
How many out-of-town invitations?
Total estimated guests*
Servings of cake needed**

* Calculation based on 90% of local invites and 65% of out-of-town invites attending the wedding.
** Calculation based on 5% of guests not having cake.


The tradition of the groom's cake came from the south where southern belles would get a special cake for their grooms.  While the wedding cake is traditionally a white tiered cake, a groom's cake is usually in a shape or design that reflects the groom's personality or interest.  So, you could have a groom's cake in the shape of a baseball stadium if your groom is a baseball fan, or the Golden Gate Bridge if your husband-to-be is an architect or engineer. 

The groom's cake is typically ordered by the bride as an unexpected surprise for her groom.  We can help you design a groom's cake in our Boise bakery when you come in for your wedding cake consultation.

You can use the groom's cake any way you please.  The cake can be served at the rehearsal dinner, or displayed next to the wedding cake at the reception.

It is not mandatory to have a groom's cake at the wedding, but having one can be a fun surprise for your husband.  Come in a look at our portfolio of cake pictures in our Boise bakery to get some ideas.

We deliver our wedding cakes to Boise and southwest Idaho including McCall, Nampa, Ontario, Twin Falls, and Sun Valley.

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