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The wedding cake is going to be the center of attention at the reception (besides the bride and groom of course) so it needs to be displayed properly.

Place Wedding Cake in a Cool Location
The wedding cake is displayed from the start of the wedding reception and cut towards the end, so will be on display for a considerable length of time.  If it is an outdoor reception in Boise make sure the wedding cake is located in a cool location and not in direct sunlight.

Safe Location
Display the wedding cake in a prominent location that will not hinder movement.  The cake should be visible to your guests but not placed where they may accidentally knock it off.

Wedding Cake Lighting
Add special lighting to the wedding cake.  A spotlight on the cake is a great way to make the cake look more dramatic. 

Dance Floor
Don't display your wedding cake too close to the dance floor.  Enthusiastic guests may end up too close to the table.

Wedding Cake Table
The size of the cake table should be according to the size of the wedding cake.  It should not be too big or too small.  The table should be covered with a beautiful table cloth, and can use flowers around the wedding cake.  Layering the table with tulle is another way to give the display a fuller look.

We deliver our wedding cakes to Boise and southwest Idaho including McCall, Nampa, Ontario, Twin Falls, and Sun Valley.