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We are not a walk-in retail bakery, but a custom cake studio and operate on an appointment only basis.

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"We would like to thank you for all of your help, expertise, and professionalism through this wedding planning process. You have addressed all of our concerns and ideas and made us feel welcome, ensuring our wedding will be perfect and everthing we have dreamed of. We are very excited for our time in McCall, in the most beautiful of settings. It will surely be a day and celebration to remember. Thank you again.
- Kiera and Brian


According to wedding tradition, the top tier of the wedding cake is saved and used on the couple's first anniversary.  However, to enjoy the wedding cake on your first anniversary it must be stored properly. 

1.  Remove the cardboard seperater plate on the bottom of the wedding cake and transfer the cake to a foil covered board or plastic plate.  This will prevent the cake from getting a cardboard taste.

2.  Freeze the wedding cake for an hour to make the icing hard.

3.  Wrap the wedding cake completely in plastic wrap.  The wrapping should be airtight.

4.  Double wrap the wedding cake in aluminium foil.  This will help the cake from getting freezer burn.

5.  Place the wrapped wedding cake into a container that can be placed in the freezer.

These tips for storing your wedding cake from our Boise bakery will help keep it fresh until your first anniversary.

We deliver our wedding cakes to Boise and southwest Idaho including McCall, Nampa, Ontario, Twin Falls, and Sun Valley.